Hi! Thanks for the visit.

I'm Denise — a mom of three, wife, homeowner, planner, zookeeper of six, mediator, multi-tasker, terrible cook, and writer. I've been continually and successfully building my career and craft for nearly 20 years. (I started working when I was 12, of course.)

I invite you to get to know me — and the work I've been creating — by looking through my website. In a nutshell, I love to write, think and collaborate with others ... with my end goal being the creation of effective, exceptional marketing pieces that always meet, and even exceed, my clients' needs.

Who I am.

I'm a thinker, writer and idea-maker. I've been everywhere, man, or at least in cities that start with the letter "M." I've worked at three Minneapolis ad agencies, Kohl's Department Stores in Menomonee Falls, Wis., at a small healthcare-focused shop in a suburb of Milwaukee, and have recently started my own freelance business.

What I've done.

I've had the chance to write for an array of industries: hospitality, travel, finance, fashion, healthcare and telecommunications, which has kept me well-rounded and able to switch gears and ramp up quickly. Check out some of my creative samples, and you'll see that I offer a full spectrum of copywriting colors.

When it started.

As far back as I can remember, I've been curious about the world and all its glorious words. Email me for my complete résumé ... or just breeze through my career highlights below:

  • - Was a communications major at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • - Moved to Minneapolis and started at Colle + McVoy in 1994
  • - Was a successful copywriter at Carlson Marketing for seven years
  • - Joined The Lacek Group for two years as a senior copywriter in 2004
  • - Moved to Wisconsin in 2006 and wrote for nearly five years at Kohl's
  • - Took a senior creative writer position at The Roberts Group in 2010
  • - Went the freelance route, starting Cobblestone Creative Writing in 2013

How I think.

Ideas make life beautiful and interesting. I believe that being creative (and being around creative people) help make the world a better place. A great idea, when delivered thoughtfully and skillfully, can have an incredible impact. When ideas that I originate hit the mark, it makes my clients more relevant, successful and inspired … and that always makes my day.